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E2E Implementation

AG Technologies consulting and implementation services are focused on creating competitive advantage by determining the appropriate implementation strategies to maximize benefits using a rapid and repeatable foundation


A “highly prepared” approach, controlling the template approach, high degree of process and object reusability, system sanitization, applying the best practices across countries, minimizing country specificity, integrating cultures and teams from diverse locations.


For some customers an SAP upgrade is simply a stepping stone to achieving more business value from a current SAP investment. For others, the SAP upgrade is seen as a building block for a whole new system expansion into other functional areas.


We can support you efficiently and relevantly in your field. Reliable, expert SAP support services are essential to help you maintain system stability and ensure optimal performance, day in, day out.It is even more important that those services are tailored to your industry.


AG Technologies can help you unlock business value from your data. Our solutions in BI, Analytics, and Performance Management provide a foundation for insight and analysis to help you make more informed decisions faster and with less risk.

Technical Consulting

AG Technologies consultants come with a rich experience of leading multiple upgrade assessments followed by execution of the upgrade projects. As part of the upgrade assessment, methodology focuses beyond technical objects and the effort estimation.

Application Development

AG Technologies' Application Development Service begins at the stage of conducting a feasibility study of IT needs and performing a gap analysis, to implementing a software solution custom built to the business need of its customers.

Product Development

In today's business world, Technology is a tool that solves the various business problems at the appropriate time and at the required quality level. At AG Technologies, develops software products that are designed to solve your business requirements and practices.

Offshore Outsourcing

The relevance of the offshore development center model is no longer in question; instead it has become the de facto business model for the Internet economy. The phenomenal growth predicted in the outsourcing market, makes offshore development centers a definitive business solution.

Delivering to the Industries


A series of global trends have led to unprecedented innovation in the automotive industry. The automobile is the preeminent consumer product of the industrial revolution.

Banking & Financial

We have been catering to the growing requirements of the banking sector for the past 2 decades, growing along and honing our expertise to deliver more evolved solutions.


Enterprises need continued focus on improving productivity and operational efficiency. While product flow and customer service are important, so is compliance with environment.


Real estate and construction businesses are under intense pressure to increase profit margins, deliver projects on time, meet client’s requirements, and control operational costs.


The Consumer and Industrial Goods industry faces numerous challenges due to volatility in global markets, cost pressures, changing business models, expectations of consumers.


Enterprises need continued focus on improving productivity and operational efficiency. Customer service are important, so is compliance with health, and safety regulations.


In the modern-day cut-throat competitive scenario, it is not easy for manufacturers to devise ways & means to increase their market share, costs, check operational expenses.

Pharma & Life Sciences

Pharma and life sciences co's need visibility into SC to ensure reliability of FG & RM. Collaboration with stakeholders & extended SC facilitate uninterrupted product flow.


Globally retailers are faced with complex inter-related issues such as ever-transient customer preferences, diminishing operational margins, competition - existing & emerging store.

Our Business Excellence

  • Customer Speaks

      I just wanted to thank you for such great work on the Weir project. Most especially your ability to find ways around the bugs in the system – you have helped keep the project afloat with your broad minded approach and problem solving ability.  Only a few more weeks to go live, but thanks so much for the really good support.

    Mr. Roger,

    As Selin and Venkadesh working a lot evening-hours last weeks for Ford SDPR Project, this was needed as we also have calls with Ford US, I suggest both to take some hours off in mornings ( Indian mornings) whenever applicable for next weeks.  Besides that I would like to emphasize whole Project team appreciates both working so hard and being flexible, so we could achieve a technical integration/ Go live for 7 of 8 SDPR rating elements last weekend- This is the load of SAP data into SuperG ( Ford-Legacy) to show the supplier ratings on a WebUI. Nevertheless we need to solve many issues on SAP side, mainly SCM. So still a lot of work to do.

    Mr. Alev Guenes,

    Congrats to entire team on Go-Live of SPP, who had put in humungous efforts in terms of understanding the complexities of the Forecasting tools / Algorithms, Preparation of Master Data, simulations, and training.  Team has learnt many invaluable Insights during the process and we are sure that with this we would be able to increase our Service levels to Customers.  Now we are entering into a critical learning cycle to understand and mature the process and the team needs continuous support from Management on this.  Once again wishing the team very best.

    Mr. Murali,

    I thought I would never say this but IPB is now technically live! Selin spent the whole night up running the master and transactional data across into IBP and then this morning Anantha loaded the history and plan files.  We would now like Sharon to start reviewing the data and actually working with the tool – we will support of course. Bear in mind that OE is not in the system and the changes we discussed last week will impact this if approved. I’d really like to thank Weir Minerals for their patience, support and perseverance and also special thanks to Selin who really burned the candle at both ends in recent weeks. Thanks also to Anantha and Birgit for their incredible support as well. And Eugene – we could not have done this without your constant support and fire fighting for us – one day you should try and catch up on some sleep! -

    Mr. Roger,

    Kumar - Thanks for providing the training on different scenarios of COPA module. It was a very fruitful session and our entire FICO team is delighted.

    Mr. Rajesh Kumar Goyal, IT Head,
    JBM Group.

    Batches in EWM! Update – To Manish / Shekhar - Fantastic news – well done guys top effort !!!

    Mr. Neil Wightman,

    Great work. We could validate first developments as achievements at customer side. Thanks so much to whole team, especially Selin and Shekhar for great work and cooperation.

    Mr. Alev Guenes,
    FORD, Westernacher.

    Good to know that we have successfully tested the end to end failover and fallback of SAP DR System. Thanks everybody for all your help and support in completing this exercise. -

    Mr. Nadeem Malim,
    Tata Interactive System.

    On behalf of SAP FICO In-house I want to appreciate Mr. Kumar for the hard work which helped in completing the project of Separate Overhead of ROTO and INJECTION in Controlling on time. We were aware that it was very difficult to complete the project on time .It was Kumar’s dedication and support that the project was successfully completed.

    Mr. Chinmay Behera,

    I would like to thank and appreciate Mr. Nitin Joshi for his time and effort in successful migration of two SAP instances.

    Mr. Manoj Mhatre,

    Apurva, Thank you and your team for resolving urgent SAP matter that was causing us to potentially miss shipments today. I really appreciate how quickly you and your team responded to that and stayed around (very late India time) to make sure everything was resolved.

    Mr. Joe Salsbury, CFO,
    Galata Chemicals.

    I came up with the problem, Sven thought of the solution, Apurva executed the solution in under a day. All I did was complain, these guys solved a problem plaguing users for years in 1 day. Excellent work from Sven and Apurva that you guys should know about. -

    Mr. Alex Pashian, Strategic Sourcing / IT Director,
    Galata Chemicals.

    We finally call for closure of the merger project as all the balances are showing correctly in the company code CP01. Thanks to you, Pranav and all your team members who have contributed to successful completion of the project.

    Mr. Lalit Thakur,
    Crystal Phospate.

    It’s time to greet everyone as 1st invoice got generated from MG, India. We are thankful to each team member for their contribution towards this success. Our special thanks to Flavio, Carlo & AGT team for their kind support. Let’s start the success glory for MG, India. -

    Mr. Maschio Gasparado.

    Dear Balwant, I wanted to let you know, that the work of Srinivas and Rahul in the last 10 days was perfect and really helpful for our project! The trainings have been very effective. We were also able to discuss and solve many other topics. It was a real pleasure to meet them again here in Gurgaon and it’s been an honor to work together with them. They are real SAP experts and a great enrichment for every project team!!.It also was a great pleasure to meet him in January and to have him in the project team.”

    Mr. Ingmar Kroll,

    We are pleased to inform you that we are extremely happy with the efforts AG Technologies has put in providing us with SAP Post Production support. When we moved from our implementation PWC a year ago to AG Technologies for providing SAP support and services; AG Technologies has brought about a smooth transition from where PWC has left after Go-Live of our SAP System. Our users are now comfortable with the system. We are also happy that you have not only excelled in regular ticket resolutions but also helped us in identifying enhancements and implemented them to our satisfaction. The enhancements are helping us to maximize the usage of the SAP system. We have no hesitation in recommending you to any SAP client for Post Production Support.

    Mr. Siddhartha Chatterjee, Chief Manager-IT,
    Borosil Glass Works Limited.

    We are pleased to inform you that we are extremely happy with the services and efforts AG technologies has put in providing us SAP support. When we switched over a year ago to AG Technologies for providing SAP support and Services, AG technologies has brought about a smooth transition and many of the important and critical issues have been resolved by them. Our users are now comfortable with the performance and efficiency of the systems. We are also happy that you have not only excelled in the regular ticket resolutions but also helped us in identifying enhancements and implemented them to our satisfaction. The enhancements are now helping us to maximize the usage of SAP systems. We have no hesitation in recommending you to any SAP client for post production support.

    Mr. Amrish Attri, Head IT,
    Oswal Group.

    AG Technologies has been an extremely valuable SAP Partner to Rathi Dye Chem. The relationship between Rathi Dye Chem and AG Technologies is an ongoing one with AG Technologies providing SAP support & services. We selected AG Technologies after a careful evaluation process . The main reason for us to chosen AG Technologies has been its technically strength and competence in the niches that it has chosen for itself. The project team is extremely resourceful, having the willingness to experiment and therefore quickly adapt to any new technology. One can therefore expect AG Technologies to its professional approach, methodology, dedication and service levels. AG Technologies and its consultants are technically competent, flexible and quick to respond. The SAP support & Services from AG Technologies has been always on time. Focus is on ensuring customer satisfaction . AG Technologies "customer orientation" is worth admiring. We value our relationship with AG Technologies and wish the company all success in its business.

    Mr. Anand Jagdale, Head IS,
    Rathi Dye Chem Pvt. Ltd.

    At the outset we wish to thank M/s. AG Technologies Pvt Ltd. for helping us in Stabilization of SAP R/3 in our business environment. It was truly a professional and dedicated approach for the whole team. We are very impressed with AGT's professional approach, methodology, dedication and service levels. The project was completed as per scheduled target date. It was indeed a pleasure working with such a professional, dedicated and customer focussed team.

    Mr. Hemant Misra, CEO,
    Universal Star Chem-Allied Ltd.

    Thank you very much for the services AG Technologies has been rendering in streamlining our SAP System. We were looking for a Service Provider who understands our business and also SAP and we pleasantly surprised to note that your Team has been able to meet our requirements. We also appreciate the value additions you have conceived and brought into the SAP system. The Car Park Enhancement you have developed has been appreciated well by us. As were the Sales Dash Board, Brokerage to Agents work-around solutions. We wish you Good Luck in your pursuit to be the best in SAP Post Production Support. We will not have any hesitation in recommending AG Technologies in case we are contacted by any of your prospect.

    Mr. Vishwajeet Jhavar, CEO,
    Marvel Realtors.

    I wish to thank you and everyone associated with Great Offshore for the services offered by your organization in streamlining our SAP system post go live. The quality of consultant and technical expertise rendered are of the quality that meet our requirements and added value to our implementation program. Some of the value additions like SAP & Primavera integration are very unique but was managed with precision and efficiency by your team. So were other important developments like SEBI Report, Quotation comparison, Advance Payment tracking, etc. to name a few. We wish you good luck in your future endeavors.

    Mr.Deepak Sachdeva, Head-IT,
    Great Offshore Limited.

    We from the management of Serum Institute of India Ltd. sincerely thank and appreciate the entire team of AG Technologies for successfully completing the project of Unicode conversion and technical upgrade of SAP from ECC5.0 to ECC 6.0-EHP5 awarded to you. AG Technologies handled the project properly and provided the desired solution to fulfill the requirement. We appreciate the professional approach and excellent technical skills shown by the team. The team, well managed all Technical & Project management related issues at all times by putting extra efforts. We wish AG Technologies and its team all success in future and recommend them to any SAP customer looking for an efficient, skilled & professional SAP service partner.

    Mr. Praveen Kulkarni (Sr. Manager IT),
    Serum Institute of India Ltd.

    We are pleased to inform you that Easun - MR is extremely happy with the support efforts AG technologies is extending for SAP Hardware/ Data Migration. The ‘Production’ server migration was a smooth affair and we really want to appreciate your meticulous plan and execution. The Schedules were also met and the disruption to our day-to-day activities were next to nil. On belhalf of all the users at Easun – MR, let me thank you for a work very well done. Convey our regards to member of your team as well. We look forward to many more years of relationship with you, and wish your company every success.

    Mr. A Sundar , Project Manager,
    Easun-MR Tap Changers Pvt. Ltd.

    We from the management of the Sanghvi Forging and Engineering Ltd. sincerely thank to the Management of AG Technologies for providing their FICO Consultants for configuration,imparting training and knowledge transfer to our staff members for COPA implementation giving their valuable guidance and suggestion for the same. We again thank to SAP Development team and Management of AG Technologies Pvt Ltd, we are sure that this association will continue for long and we would get your support in future in this regards.

    Mr. Vikram Sanghvi , Director,
    Sanghvi Forging and Engineering Ltd.

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    Company Code Rollout

    Global chemical company achieve significant savings in project costs with faster rollout

    A global chemical company partnered with AG Technologies to achieve operational excellence by rolling out SAP globally. AG Technologies solution to help the client achieve overall savings in project costs and faster rollout.

    GST Implementation

    Manufacturing Company implements SAP GST for their various Business across INDIA

    AG Technologies Technologies implemented the SAP Country India Version (CIN) for the Client which includes all indirect taxation components like such as Integrated GST, Central & State GST.

    Vendor Management Portal(VMP)

    Leading Retail Company Improves Supply-Chain Efficiency with Vendor Management Portal

    VMP enabled real-time access to the, inventory across all Suppliers, efficient tracking of stock levels, also up-to-date with automated stock replenishment, leading to more accurate information by involving vendors directly.

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