Embracing Digital Transformation
in the Automotive Industry


The automotive industry is undergoing a massive transformation. Changing customer preferences, demand for personalization and innovative experiences, sustainability policies, and new technologies are driving these transformational changes.

These forces have invoked four disruptive digital trends in the automotive industry: autonomous driving, connectivity, electrification, and diverse mobility. For automotive manufacturers, apart from engineering practices, the key to survive and thrive is embracing Digital Transformation.

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Our Work/Expertise

AG technologies works with automotive manufacturers and other players in responding to changing business needs and customer preferences by leveraging new technologies. Our experts bring digital thinking to support the transformation and deliver a positive experience to the end customers.

We enable a successful digital transformation through our experience and expertise in –


Our expertise in data-driven analytics across retail, banking, manufacturing, and other booming economies propels higher data visibility and bottom-line growth. We unlock value by merging NLP and machine learning capabilities on the Google Cloud Platform and the SAP Analytics Cloud for business intelligence and reporting.

AMC Automation Solution on Cloud

Hosted solution for annual maintenance contract automation with complete process coverage from customer and accompanied workflows…

New Age Dealer Management Solution

A cloud based DMS for OEM/ dealerships for automotive industry, built on a leading cloud platform …

Interactive Digital Customer Experience at Dealerships

Seamless experience at dealership and all customer touch points by means of interactive virtual dealership, interactive kiosks at sales point/dealerships…

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