Staying Competitive through Digital
Transformation in the Construction Sector


Machinery & Equipment, whether its production machinery & equipment or industrial machinery & equipment, is the core industry as it supplies machinery to other sectors. However, the industry is hit hard by the recent downturn. This industry faces several challenges – complex supply chains, declining profit margins, and complicated product cycles. Besides, growing customer expectations pressurize the Machinery & Equipment industry players to constantly innovate and quickly market their products. To meet these challenges, companies must become tech-oriented and leverage new technologies to automate their processes and streamline their operations. Tech-based solutions can help to optimize their supply chains and minimize development cycles while boosting efficiencies and driving down costs.

Our Work/Expertise

AG Technologies understands the challenges in Machinery & Equipment industry. Our experts provide end-to-end solutions that help you manage the operations seamlessly while achieving increased supply chain visibility, reduced product cycles, and a faster pace of product innovations in a cost-effective way. Our extensive technical & domain expertise makes us the ideal partner for technology-based solutions in Machinery & Equipment sector.


SAP Enhancement (Operating System Migration)

Huge Cost Saving by SAP Enhancement (Operating System Migration)

OS Migration

Fast ROI & Efficient Operation through OS Migration

SAP Support for Realtors and Construction Company

Accelerated Efficiency, Accurate Analysis & Reporting through SAP Support




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