The educational publishing sector is growing. Our publishing services include online content delivery and digital products and services. We also offer organized repositories of learning assets; mobile content for textbooks, tablets and smartphones; learning analytics; and the use of collaboration and connected communities to share knowledge and contain costs. Other solutions help you tailor the content, delivery and learning supports to address individual learning styles.

The education industry is experiencing a paradigm shift in terms of technology and also the business approach. It is no longer an industry with a pre-defined work approach, but innovation and adaptability have risen as the fuel for thought and dictate business decisions. The growing IT industry has encompassed diverse businesses under its periphery and seems to extend it with passing time. Automation of business processes, mobility, customer and business analytics, crisis-management, social presence, etc., all these have evolved as critical business aspects, and educational organizations are striving to empower them with a robust and dependable technology infrastructure.

Effective infrastructure is essential for supporting institutional goals. We provide a host of infrastructure services that help improve learning outcomes, support decision-making and enhance institutional effectiveness while controlling costs. Our IT infrastructure services include implementing, upgrading and maintaining enterprise applications and infrastructure consolidation. We also offer portfolio analysis and optimization.

With our extensive expertise, we are well-equipped to provide services across domains to enable seamless integration of business processes, reduce costs, improve efficiency, optimize resources, and ensure 24x7 monitoring and support. With our key global alliances from the industry, we assure to provide best-in-class services to make your business smarter, more efficient, and also crisis-ready.

Success Stories

SAP AMS for eLearning Company

Reconfigured all business process in their SAP system and provided support. The maintenance support will cover SAP transaction bug fix, user guidance, performance tuning & documentation requirements...

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Proposal Management System for University

Process where the team could collaborate more efficiently and use the document management capabilities of SharePoint to better organize & track prospects, document templates & best practices...

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Document Management Solution for Institute

Developed centralized and secure document management solution which will be single point of access to all the documents and files in electronic format pertaining to their business functions....

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Intranet Portal for eLearning Company

AG Technologies provided facelift with attractive UI and merge their intranet functionalities with easy to use document and information management functionalities on SharePoint intranet...

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