Enterprises need continued focus on improving productivity and operational efficiency. While product flow and customer service are important, so is compliance with environment, health, and safety regulations.AG Technologies enhances the supply chain ecosystem of chemical, bulk material, and specialty chemical manufacturers. We replace legacy planning systems with advanced supply chain technology. It provides better visibility into raw materials, co-products, manufacturing facilities, distribution networks, and stocking locations. We identify capacity constraints while maximizing asset utilization across the chemical manufacturing landscape.

Our supply chain solutions enable collaborative demand planning and scheduling. Traceability enables prompt response to unforeseen events and disruptions across the supply chain. Our accelerators incorporate multi-tier demand prioritization logic across supply planning and order promising. It facilitates consensus planning, aggregate planning, campaign (product wheel) planning, push production, tank scheduling, and comprehensive safety stock modeling. While AG Technologies BI streamlines reporting and analytics, Advanced Business Planning incorporates processes for the industry using SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP).

Why AG Technologies:
We work with the leading insurers by understanding their business challenges and providing them with robust, best-in-class, result focused, solutions, enabling them to deliver higher value to their stakeholders.

  • Rating engine, automated underwriting tools, actuarial tools,insurance remittance processing.
  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Claims Management Workflow.
  • Financial calculators, insurance calculators, real time quotation.
  • Policy Administration System Consolidation.
  • Agency systems
  • Invoicing, collections, and premium audit.
  • Claims Processing and Fraud Management.
  • Legacy Applications Modernization and Integration.
  • Enterprise Systems - SAP Service Offerings.
  • Applications Optimization.

Our Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Expertise, coupled with domain knowledge of this industry, helps us integrate disparate systems seamlessly and extend the back office systems to customers, channel partners and the Internet.We can leverage our knowledge of the insurance sector and build CRM solutions that help insurance firms to always stay ahead of the competition.

Success Stories

Insurance Kit

Web based project for Medical Insurance developed which define a work flow for pre-underwritten policies and minimize the policy activation process time...

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Commission Management

Commission Management Application processes the commission for Agent on various Insurance Products offered by the company...

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Asset Management

The Asset Management system across the business; simplifies and standardizes the procedure for asset registration & asset management...

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Deal Management System

Deal Management updates processes and best practices to reduce operational risk & security threats...

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Corporate Communication & Collaboration

Application enables to have a secure and role- based access to key internal business and organization-related personal data...

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Employee Self Service Portal

ESS Portal streamlines Attendance Collection, State wise Holiday & mapping it to Employee attendance calendar, leave info from SAP & Loss of Pay...

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SOA and ESB Implementation

Introduction of the new SOA, BPM and ESB architecture makes client operate in more structured manner and is able to make better predictions...

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