In the modern-day cut-throat competitive scenario, it is not easy for manufacturers to constantly devise ways and means to increase their market share, contain costs, check operational expenses and decrease time-to-market for new offerings. Technology can be the major driving force for achieving competitive advantage through cost reductions and creation of new business opportunities. Technology is creating more efficient enterprises, enabling new ways of reaching customers through new delivery channels and smoothly links once-disparate business practices.

AG Technologies Manufacturing Practice provides a range of solutions that address the issue to retain and increase their market share. With our extensive domain knowledge, strong application management expertise, impeccable quality credentials in software processes and a proven track record in building complex applications cost effectively we are uniquely positioned to serve customers worldwide in the Manufacturing industry.

AG Technologies offers a comprehensive software services portfolio tailored for the Manufacturing industry, complemented with its strong domain knowledge and technology and process capabilities to execute and deliver business solutions. Our services and solutions are in the domains of: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), version upgrades for the existing systems, migration from legacy systems, global roll-outs and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solutions.

The manufacturing capabilities of our solutions automate and control your shop floor activities, including production planning and execution, engineering inventory procurement, costing, and quality assurance. The manufacturing suite of applications uses advanced techniques that accommodate your operation, whether you use lean manufacturing practices, or have particular scheduling requirements. It offers easy-to-use graphical windows that mimic your shop floor and provide you with a familiar frame of reference. Use the manufacturing functions to create accurate bills of material and work orders, compare costs, and perform an infinite number of "what-if" schedules.

Our Warehouse Management systems provide for cost effective warehouse management and enhanced collaboration with the trading partners.

The supply chain offerings help organizations manage information across the supply chain efficiently, resulting in the optimization of resources, reduced inventory levels, and improved customer service.

We are also engaged in providing implementation, consulting & migration services for ERP package SAP.

Success Stories

Weighbridge Integration for Steel Industry

The Gate entry provision in the SAP system and integrating the developed Gate entry system with the Weighbridge system.....

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SAP E2E Implementation for Optics Industry

Implementation of SAP R/3, ECC6.0 along with real time interfaces with their web servers enables to get inbound as outbound to SAP...

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Asset Management for Agro Industry

Asset Management tracks the assets like building, machinery, furniture, land the organization thru SAP system...

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SAP Localization for Electronic Chip Industry

AG Technologies leverages its proven onsite-offshore capability to implement Country India Version (CIN) while Analyzing SAP Notes...

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Hanel Lean Lift - ERP Integration - Plastics Industry

Hanel Lean Lift Integration with ERP through HanelSoft++ helps customers Optimum space utilization through clubbing of similar group of items...

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Vendor Portal for Pump Manufacturing Industry

Vendor Collaboration Portal synchronizes, Expedites and improves the communication and collaboration between the client and their vendors...

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