Application Maintainence Services

Managing corporate applications in today's environment is a key challenge with which many organizations are trying to cope. Software maintenance performed to keep a system operational as the installed software application changes after the system has been deployed is a challenge virtually all enterprises face. Software maintenance begins as soon as a system has been released to users for the first time and encompasses modifications to subsequent releases of the system.

AG Technologies service offerings:

AG Technologies offers full integration services, as well as maintenance and support services, giving clients cost effective options for deployment and ongoing management of its software solutions. AG Technologies provides following support services:
Business Services
- Application strategy
- Configuration management
- Troubleshoot & bug fix
- Implementation and User training
Technical Services
- Architecture planning
- Performance management
- User profile management
- Interface management
Project Services
- Upgrades
- Business enablement
- Integration with new applications

The approach of AG Technologies towards application maintenance is geared to consistently deliver high quality support that is responsive as well as proactive. A well-defined transition management methodology comprising knowledge transfer, retention, and management models is followed for coverage, control and cohesion during the entire maintenance support period.

AG Technologies enables organizations to outsource application maintenance by providing a team of dedicated professionals equipped with industry expertise and experience. Our professionals not only troubleshoot but also optimize application performance and provide inputs for sustenance engineering support.

The key components of our application maintenance methods include:

  • Entry Task Validation and Exit criteria
  • Due Diligence
  • Transition
  • Production Support
  • Enhancements
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Metrics