Product Development

In today's business world, Technology is a tool that solves the various business problems at the appropriate time and at the required quality level. At AG Technologies, develops software products that are designed to solve your business requirements and practices.

While developing software products we incorporate all phases of well-designed, manageable software solutions including product definition, planning, design, coding, release management, quality assurance testing, training, deployment, and support. We deliver both installable products ready for your production environments and the source code.

AG Technologies works with a proven Product Development Framework that can be applied to bring any product to market in time. Our understanding of the different processes and stages involved in a Product Development and Implementation Cycle has helped in delivering the "Right Product - On time - Every time" for our clients.

The key element in this framework is the clear understanding of the clients' requirements and the precise scoping of the product specification during the early stages of the development cycle. However our "flexible design" approach has given us an edge in developing products that are "adaptable and scalable".

AG Technologies uses prototypes to test technology assumptions and test implementation viability. This insures that the resulting product is practical to implement and support, while laying the foundation to accommodate future technology change.

AG Technologies has a breadth of knowledge of technology that is critical to the success of most client/server, Internet, or intranet projects. Our knowledge of networks, databases, systems, and security provides us with the expertise to avoid problems and implement stable product solutions in aggressive time frames. When faced with unknowns, our prototyping methodologies allow us to identify risk areas and determine appropriate pathways that insure successful completion of our project activities. AG Technologies has the expertise to understand the requirements of a robust, reliable environment and has been designing systems that maintain high-availability and fault-resiliency combining effective disaster recovers strategies.

Success Stories

Vendor Management Portal

Portal developed on MOSS 2010 with SAP R3 integration to have the Client & the Vendors interaction for their process related to material procurement, delivery, Quality and Communication...

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Work Hour Entry Portal

Developed customized Web-based Portal for entering and managing data of Employee’s Work Hours. The portal should have provision of approving the entries and various reports based on the same...

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Knowledge Management System

KM developed for Sales and business development, clients, vendors and sub-contractors and operations able to carry out their work activities in a structured manner using standard templates and SOP...

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Hanel Lean Lift Integration With ILMS

Developed a solution, as HanelSoft++, for operating Hanel Lean Lift in integration with ILMS. HanelSoft++ resides on a hand-held device. ILMS is an ERP deployed at one of the client’s customers at Vizag...

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MP12NH Demo System For A Manufacturing Co.

Developed for operating Hanel Lean Lift in integration with ERP assuming lean lifts which are configured in HOST WEB & HOST DATA modes. Integrator which can seamlessly integrate these two applications ...

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Document Management Solution

Developed centralized and secure document management solution which will be single point of access to all the documents and files in electronic format pertaining to their business functions...

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SharePoint Intranet Portal

System involves Attendance Collection, State wise Holiday management and mapping it to Employee attendance calendar, importing leave info from SAP and employee LOP...

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Online Attendance Management System

Streamline the attendance management of the employees & manage huge staff personnel at different location all over India & HR Dept looks forward to track, manage and report their staff attendance...

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School Fee Management For A Bank

The System helps Better management of the school fee collection service, e2e tracking of the cheques, Automated process resulting into time savings, Levels of authorization for security, system for billing...

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