Cloud Migration

Workloads migration to the Cloud

We turn your cloud-first ambition into reality, with an efficient and high-quality approach to move your workloads to the cloud. By defining the right architecture and with our industrialized migration approach, we optimize time-to-value, while reducing risk and cost.

Your organization has defined a cloud strategy and identified the applications to be moved to the cloud. What next? Migrating workloads to new cloud environments has to be planned and managed in detail. The migration must be driven by a clear understanding of the impact that the final architecture and migration pattern will have on the end-state functionality, performance, availability and security of the applications. The right cloud operating model must also be in place before workloads are moved en masse to deliver the cloud promise of lower cost, agility, scalability and flexibility.

Optimize Migration Cost, Speed and Quality
Our industrialized and robust methodology for migrating workloads to the cloud delivers quick time-to-value. We ensure that the cloud architecture and migration pattern are aligned to your cloud ambitions, while industrial methods, tooling and automation drive high quality and cost efficient migration. Our comprehensive offer delivers:

  • Migration planning: Detailed analysis of each application to create the most efficient migration pattern.
  • Cloud architecture: Defining the future state architecture, operating model and business case based on application needs and end-state objectives.
  • Migration execution: Manage the migration in a factory model and drive continuous improvements.
We help our clients achieve their cloud migration on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Success Stories

AWS Cloud Migration for Publishing House

Migration of all the SAP Landscapes to AWS Cloud environment to provide good hardware resource for SAP Systems to overcome performance issues...

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Migration of SAP ECC & BI Landscape to AWS

Client secures its SAP applications by provisioning an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) private subnet to run both Business Suite and BI instances...

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OS Migration from In-Premise to AWS Cloud

SAP Landscape comprising of Solution Manager 7.1, Development, Quality & Production servers from SAP ECC 6.0 to SAP ECC 6.0 EHP8 on AWS Cloud...

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