Business Process Automation

Today, businesses are faced with a number of information challenges. Critical information is kept on information islands where departments, partners, and customers are disconnected, data is difficult to find and easy to lose, and manual ad hoc processes are in place. Additionally there is a glut of available information with e-mails, web pages, and company information stored on individual hard drives that result in a lack of organization and no version control.

In today's economic climate, businesses need to do more than just maintain current performance levels. When it comes to doing more with less, helping information workers become more productive is often a priority. Their demands for more collaborative services, however, pose a challenge for the IT professionals who support them.

To help you address this issue, AG Technologies has created a solution based on Microsoft’s comprehensive Information Worker offerings. These innovative solutions give you the ability to access and collaborate on relevant information across your company – on one, convenient screen.

With one stop, faster access to more relevant data, you can:
  • Ease of data capture via forms automation, over multiple devices (PC, tablet, mobile)
  • Move data across people, processes and systems using workflow
  • Track process KPI to ensure user productivity
  • Integrate with other Enterprise Systems