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Call Center Application

Client is a remote e-services company and provides contact center services and BPO services.
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Candidate Information System

Our client is into manpower consultancy. The client needs an efficient candidate information system to manage their candidate database.
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Corporate Communication and Collaborative Portal

A typical client process involved cross-functional teams collaborating with each other and with the client using information (process documents, online conversations, emails, project management data) lying at disparate locations.
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Customer Contact Management System

Client is one of the largest liner shipping companies in the world. Client wanted a single point of contact of the customer for all shipping related business and status queries.
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Data Warehousing & Analytics

Client wanted to capture data from existing legacy system and SAP into a data warehouse for reporting and analytics.
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Dealer Management System

As a leading automotive manufacturer in India, our client with its extensive dealer base saw a huge opportunity to provide seamless integration of dealer management systems with ERP and other internal systems.
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ERP System

Client had various departments which were to function independently, manually and lacked coordination with other departments
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Integrated System for Retail Business Process

Client is a supplier of "Electronic Point of Sale to the retailers. The client business activities include Purchase, Asset Management, Sales, Technical Support and Helpdesk.
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Kiosk Application

The client is the world's leading risk and insurance services firm. Client was looking forward to develop a kiosk application for one of the largest risk and insurance conferences.
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Knight Management System (KMS)

Our Client is one of the leading US based financing institution. The client's web based portfolio management application produce static reports showing information of those deals and customer accounts.
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Leave Application Solution

Client had an existing Leave Application Solution.This solution was outdated as it did not provide a facility of integration with other applications nor did it have a facility of changing the business rules defined in the Leave Application System
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Mobile Application Solution

As a leading private airline in India, our client with its extensive operations and highly mobile customer base saw a huge opportunity to increase customer satisfaction and cut costs through innovative use of mobile messaging technology.
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Newsletter Application Solution

Client wants to continue with its idea of email marketing and hence wants to develop a robust and stable newsletter application, which will form a part of its strong Customer Relationship Management strategy.
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PDF Composer

The primary requirement of the client was to create a component which can generate a PDF file.
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Sanitized Broadband Solution

The client wants to diversify from voice to data services and has ambitious plans to complement and drive usage on its broadband offering.
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SAP BOM Integration

Client is leading global manufacturer and supplier of broadband products. Client's central requirement was to have an effective BOM Management system.
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SAP HR Integrator

Client is the leading provider of workforce modeling and intelligence solutions. The client basic requirement was to export Organizational data from their OrgPlus into a data file using the SAP HR Integrator.
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SharePoint Portal Solution

Client would like to create a fully functional Corporate Communication and Collaborative Intranet Portal, based on this requirement AG Technologies enabled Client to have a secure and role- based access to key internal business and organization-related personal data using Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server.
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IT Initiatives Workflow Automation Solution

The Business Solutions Group (BSG) of the bank's information technology division acts as an interface between the IT infrastructure and development team and the internal business users of IT solutions.
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BizTalk Integration

Client wanted Integration with RCRM for logging a claim request and integration with Configurator for New Business using a middleware.
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Wrapper Component

The client was actively pursuing a conversion from Biztalk 2002 to Biztalk 2004. Thisuncertainty impacted the ‘wrapper’ used to integrate the component into the Biztalk environment.
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SPS Migration

Client had small server farm SPS 2003 setup with SQL 2000 & wanted to move to more scalable, high availability environment with support for large user base..
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Web Portal Development

Client wanted to develop a web portal which can be integrated with the corporate web site.AG Technologies developed a web portal which hosted 8 tools and was integrated with its website.
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SAP BizTalk Integration & Windows Workflow

Client wanted to provide seamless integration of Internal Purchase Requisition with ERP and other internal systems to automate Change Request Management and Incident Reporting workflow.
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Intelligent Management of Proposal Template

Client wanted Proposal Template and SPR Reports which are currently on MS Word fileand MS Excel file respectively to be created into a smart document.
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Intranet Application

Client which had manual resource recruitment and hiring process as well as a process for manually allocating hardware/software resources to employee in place, wanted an
automated and centralized application.
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Corporate Planning Portal

The basic requirement was to develop a Corporate Communication and Collaborative Intranet Portal solution for its employees.
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Enterprise Portal Solution

Client was looking for an effective collabaration solution to drive and inculcate IT culture among its employees.
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Enterprise Collaboration & Integration Solution

The client’s basic requirement was to develop a Corporate Communication and Collaborative Intranet Portal solution for its employees and Customers.
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Leave Application Solution Phase 2

Client had an existing Leave Application Solution which AG Technologies developed solution using BizTalk Server 2004.
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Data Integration and Reporting Solution

The primary role of the Directorate was to generate official statistics for different
departments and agencies within the state.
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Reporting Application

The Client needed to build a report that displays existing information from Tabula, the Document Management Solution.
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SharePoint Portal Sever

Client needed to consolidate the existing four portals by standardizing and restructuring the portals using MS SharePoint Portal Server mplementation.
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Right Management Services

Like many companies in highly competitive markets, company was facing the dual challenge of making information more secure and readily available.
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