Technology Partners

UiPath | RPA | AG Technologies

Ui Path

We have partnered with UiPath to deliver hyperautomation solutions to our clients, automating their processes so their people can focus on more high-value tasks. UiPath is one of the most efficient tools for RPA providing a reliable, fast, intelligent, and robust solution. As a UiPath Gold partner in India, we ensure that all our customers achieve significant productivity improvement.

Automation Anywhere | RPA | AG Technologies

Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere, a global leader in Robotic Process Automation, is our partner enabling us to deliver value-driven automation solutions for projects of any complexity. Its powerful features enable us to provide smarter workflows and intelligent automation solutions that are highly scalable, resilient, and secure. As a leading Automation Anywhere technology partner, we enable organizations to build intelligent digital workforce.

Camunda | AG Technologies


We cherish our partnership with Camunda, an open-source process orchestration platform for end-to-end automation, to offer our clients a highly flexible platform for their workflow automation needs. We harness the power of Camunda to design and automate the most complex business processes in a new way and provide solutions that increase efficiency and business agility.

Celonis | AG Technologies


We strive for a better understanding of bottlenecks and improve the existing business processes of our customers by partnering with Celonis, the leader in process mining. Celonis EMS allows us to identify inefficiencies, eliminate system complexity, and create transparency while enabling businesses to achieve their full execution capacity.

SAP | AG Technologies


AG Technologies is a leading SAP service provider for the last 22 years. We have delivered numerous projects providing superior SAP solutions to our clients. Our SAP services range from strategic consulting, system design, process integration, implementation, configuration, customization, application management, migrations, updates, and support of SAP solutions to our clients.

Google Cloud | AG Technologies

Google Cloud

As a Google Cloud partner, we help organizations accelerate their digital transformation journey with innovative cloud-native software solutions leveraging the power of Google Cloud Platform (GCP). We provide end-to-end services for your cloud transformation journey powered by GCP, while helping you reduce cost, scale business, and simplify your infrastructure.

Microsoft Gold Partner | AG Technologies

Microsoft Gold Partners

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, AG Technologies ensures your successful business transformation by implementing Microsoft products, tools, and services. As a trusted Microsoft partner, we have worked closely with numerous clients. We have delivered innovative solutions using Microsoft technology stack solving our customer’s business problems and accelerating growth.