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Today’s uncertain market conditions demand businesses to be efficient, proactive, resilient, and competitive. It needs organizations to re-examine processes and optimize operations. Most organizations are responding by adopting digital transformation but to step up the digital transformation, they need Intelligent Automation – a strategic tool to streamline business operations. AG Technologies offers a wide range of Intelligent Automation solutions to suit various business needs. With extensive experience working on cutting-edge technologies, tools, and techniques like Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Process Discovery and Process Mining, Low-code Application Development, BPM, and more, AG Technologies is your best automation partner.

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Python is a universal language for AI software development, and with it, you can write code for both iOS and Android, for desktop computers and smartphones, when developing applications and various projects. It does not depend on platforms and program architecture. We have experts with experience in various libraries needed to build AI/ML solutions.

Machine learning analytics is an entirely different process. Machine learning automates the entire data analysis workflow to provide deeper, faster, and more comprehensive insights. Machine learning is a subset of AI that leverages algorithms to analyze vast amounts of data. ML uses the algorithms to do the same as analytics but in addition, learns from the collected data and provide recommendations.

Robotic process automation along with BPM & AI, can be leveraged to develop a touchless process, by automating end to end process. We provide RPA & BPM solutions, automatically mapping processes and human-machine interactions in the organization. We also provide iBPM solutions adding first level intelligence to BPM using machine learning.

We are specialized in process mining using tools like Celonis. AGTech experts get an end-to-end view of your business processes to understand the bottlenecks and identify which processes need to be automated.

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