By Industry

Offer letter creation, sign-off and QA

Generating personalized offer letters for job candidates that include job details, compensation, benefits, and other relevant information and getting approvals from different people can be... time-consuming and prone to error which may cause delays.Using Intelligent Automation technology can helps in quickly generating accurate offer letters and ensuring timely approvals. This simplifies the process, reduces errors, and improves overall efficiency in the HR onboarding process.

Employee Onboarding

Employee onboarding process deals with handling of a large volume of onboarding requests and creating user profiles by extracting employee details which is error-prone and time consuming affecting employee productivity... and Unsatisfaction. Automation can helps to ensures the creation of error-free user profiles in the HR system by automatically retrieve and process on boarding requests, extracting relevant employee details from various sources such as application forms and digital documents.

Annual Performance Status Tracking and Automation

Annual performance status tracking and automation is about keeping track of how employees are doing throughout the year. IA technology helps to automate the process by collecting data from... different sources using specific criteria and templates. Automation ensure the data accuracy that allows HR to make better decisions based on reliable performance insights.