What is the Value Based SAP AMS & How it can Reduce Your Total SAP Spend Budget.

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When you are looking for trusted SAP AMS support, the last thing you want is someone providing a break-fix solution. Given the increase in digital consumption and demand for improved remote services, which have made digital transformation compulsory for everybody.

The simultaneous priority for the organization is an optimization of operational cost and rationalizing the IT budgets on the maintenance of the application landscape.

Traditionally, cost reduction and innovation are considered to be on the opposite end of the spectrum.

However new business models and new ways to work have created innovations in terms of efforts, time, and capital to create a new value-based approach to transform and keep up with changes in the digital environment.

How Value-Based SAP AMS Can Reduce Your IT Budget?

The only thing constant is “change”. Growing complexities in SAP landscapes are always constant. Enhancements in your core functionalities require techno-functional skills that your business may or may not have available when required.

From working on the migration phase to executing strategic business goals you need an experienced AMS provider that is cost-effective.

Today, most of the AMS providers in the market now comply with basic SLAs with a role to perform the basic fire-fighting required.

This is where the value-based SAP AMS model helps you achieve desired outcomes with flexible costs in your favor.

1. Proactive Support Through Global Shared Resource Centre

Next-generation support with the economic cost is the intent of the model. Minimizing the cost of operation through Intelligent Automation and Process Improvement by providing a flexible & scalable ABAP programming support model are few areas that are leveraged.

The Visibility for Value can be Given by:-

2. Cross Technology & Multi-Experience Consulting Experience

We understand that managing the SAP landscape is one of the many core functions of your IT team. Every business needs additional support and has other Tech priorities such as Process discovery, Integrating Bots, CRM, IoT, etc.

Introducing a new provider to your business could be costly. Bringing external consultants on a need basis would have productivity issues and a lack of understanding of your business.

We take pride in having a pool of in-house experts in Enterprise Automation, Process Discovery, Process Mining, and Microsoft practice and are highly exposed to the SAP landscape providing a better cost synergy along with the speed of delivery.

Taking responsibility for your entire IT Application landscape with effective cost reduction gives you the benefit of having a matured SAP AMS partner who not only supports you in managing and improving SAP but also takes care of your other requirement such as Microsoft, RPA, Process Mining & IoT.

We have helped many clients in cost optimization delivering higher IT productivity while providing a whole lot of thought leadership in being aligned and up to date with the digital trends.

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